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Informed Consent

Informed consent is voluntary and aims to help you make an educated decision about your participation in a clinical trial. The document ensures that you have been provided with, and understand, all of the key facts about the clinical trial study protocol. This includes the treatment options in each study arm, benefits and risks related to participating in the trial, financial considerations, confidentiality, and much more.

Once you have read and agree with the conditions outlined in the informed consent document, you will be asked to sign it to confirm your participation in the study. If you have any questions about the trial and the informed consent, you are encouraged and have the right to consult your doctor or a member of the clinical trial team before and/or during the trial. You will receive a copy of your signed informed consent form including contact information for the study. You are encouraged to share this with anyone you feel appropriate, and take as long as you need to decide whether to participate.


You are free to withdraw from the study completely without providing a reason. You may also refuse particular treatments or tests. You must always discuss any deviations from the protocol with your study team.