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Benefits of Participating in Clinical Trials

Over the past 15 years, innovative research and clinical trials have led to the development of new treatments that have increased the median life expectancy of a myeloma patient to 8-10 years or longer, transforming this “incurable” disease to one that is “highly treatable”. Although the cure for myeloma is not yet known, huge strides in the evolution of treatment options are continuously being made, moving us closer to not just increasing overall life expectancy, but to a future where myeloma is no longer a fatal disease.

“Clinical trials are the treatments of the future”
Y.B., 23 year surviving myeloma patient

There are numerous benefits for Canadian patients that accrue from participating in a clinical trial. These are some of the major advantages:

  • Access to new drugs or treatment combinations that are not yet approved by Health Canada
  • Access to new drugs or treatment combinations that are not yet reimbursed by the government or insurance policies (in other words, for free)
  • Help accelerate new treatment approvals by government bodies, by providing real-world Canadian evidence & data
  • Help advance research and improve the way patients are being treated in Canada 
  • Additional options for patients who have relapsed or have become refractory to the current treatment options